Friday, September 24, 2010


Today is Friday! Yay!! Unfortunately we had class today, usually we just have class Monday-Thursday but we had to make up a day so we had our Tuesday/Thursday classes today. However, it was a really good day at school! For my second class today, our teacher couldn't come so the director of the program, Maria, took just our class out for coffee and to the Sorolla Museum! It was such a great field trip. First we stopped and had cafe con leche and then we were off to the museum. This was by far one of my favorite places I have been so far. I loved the paintings by Sorolla and the museum is in his old house so it was really neat to see how and where he actually painted everything. I am familiar with some of his work and the museum was smaller so it was nice to be able to look at everything up close. My favorite painting is of his wife and eldest daughter strolling down the beach. I love the impressionistic look of it and the way he utilizes the light in each of his paintings. We got to spend our whole class period there today, an hour and a half so it was a really nice treat.

For lunch we went to our favorite pizza and pasta place. They have a menu of the day where you can order a salad, pizza or pasta, a dessert, and a drink for only 10E! Definitely a deal! There was a big group of us so it was really fun. Afterwards we headed home to nap and watch our Thursday night tv shows that we missed in the US.
Tonight is the TCU vs SMU game back in Dallas! We are bummed to be missing it but we are going to all dress in red and blue tonight and watch the game at a sports bar here! It will be our boulevard in Spain. It will be a big upset if SMU wins considering that TCU is currently ranked #4. It's a stretch but it could happen! The game doesn't start here until 2AM so we have a little while until it's time to watch it but we are determined to stay out and watch it. We also heard that SMU didn't have classes today since the game is on a school day which is pretty cool. I am excited for tonight and I hope the mustangs win!

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  1. I love Sorolla! He's from Valencia! Last year when I was there Bancaja paid for all of his paintings that are in NYC to come over and be in Spain for a few months and we got to see all of them. He's for sure my favorite spanish artist! And I love this picture! So funny! I am so jealous of you, Spain and your travels! I know you are having a wonderful time! Enjoy it because it flies by! So ready for you to get back to the lone star state so we can hangout! Have a great weekend! I guess I'll cheer for SMU tonight! Only for you and Carlos! I've pretty much become a Longhorn fan! I'm obsessed! Love you!