Wednesday, September 29, 2010

La Huelga

Today in Madrid is something called "La Huelga" or the strike. It is a day where Spanish people are legally allowed to strike and not go to work if they don't want to. It's a very strange concept for us Americans. It's basically a freebie day for everyone that has a job. Lots of people picket in the streets, especially in the streets. Most of the metros, buses, and taxis aren't running which makes it a little difficult to get around but overall Madrid seems the same. We still had class today despite the strike and everyone was able to make it to class on time. Lots of the stores are closed however along with grocery stores. I don't really understand la huelga because it seems really pointless to skip work for one day.
We finally planned our trip for next weekend which I am really excited about. On Tuesday we all leave with the school to go to the Adalucia which includes Seville, Granada, and Cordoba. We leave early Tuesday morning and get back to Madrid Friday night. It will be a quick trip but really fun to see everything in these cities. Then on Friday night some of us are going to Portugal! We are going with EuroVibe, a company that plans trips for students studying abroad. We are going to Lagos and Lisbon for 4 days! The trip also includes a booze cruise :) There will be other students studying in Madrid there too so it should be really fun to meet other American students. So far there are kids from Tulane and USC going. I can't wait!!!
Since tonight is still the Huelga we can't go out but tomorrow we are going back to Chapandez with the fish bowl drinks!

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