Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fish Bowls

What a great Saturday! Yesterday I FINALLY went shopping with Danielle, Kendall, and Eme on Calle Serrano, the big shopping street here in Madrid. First the four of us went to a delicious lunch and I had a cheeseburger! It was so nice to have some American food (not that I don't love Spanish food!). It was the grand opening of the street for the fall collections so the street was shut down to cars and there was music and dancers in the street. Madrid definitely knows how to celebrate. We walked into numerous shops and I bought a dress, top, and a headband, not too exciting but still very fun! We got the most delicious gelato while walking around, it has become part of our daily routine which I don't know if that is a good or bad thing. We ended up wandering around the streets just looking for shops and checking out the activities on Serrano. After shopping and walking around for five hours, I was exhausted. I walked home and passed out for about an hour before dinner. Loles did it big for dinner last night. We had our new favorite salad that she just started making and huevos rotos. This has become one of Allie and my favorite meals. It is two fried eggs over fresh french fries with ham. Yum. She was so happy that we were so excited!
We were pretty unmotivated to go out last night but since it was Saturday night we rallied and got ready. I did a little research and found a bar called Chapandez in an area we hadn't been before. It took two metro rides to get there and a little walking around trying to find it but finally we did! And it was so worth it! We walked in to a cave basically. The whole ceiling is jagged and shaped like we were in a deep cave. The specialty of the bar is fish bowl sized drinks. The four girls and I shared a 38 euro massive drink. It was so delicious and definitely worth it! Not too bad when you split it 5 ways! I will post pictures soon! While we were at the bar a guy approached me about doing an interview for their website about night life in Madrid! It was really exciting and it was fun to be interviewed in Spanish! He asked me the differences about Spanish and American night life and which one I preferred most--of course, Spain! He said it would be posted soon so hopefully I can find the link!
We danced until about 4 AM when the bar closed and headed home. Allie and I decided we were hungry so we wandered around our neighborhood to find something that was open at 5 AM! We stumbled upon a 24 hour 7-11 type store and bought some late night food. We walked home talking about how amazing Spain is and how much we are loving it here. Last night was definitely a success!
This morning I am still waiting for Allie to wake up (its noon) and hopefully we will head to Retiro park to do some homework and lay around! The weather here has been so amazing, its been cool and sunny all week! I can feel fall coming and it is making me so excited!

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